A fun little story

So I was driving to get a burrito one night around 10 pm, with the bass at full as usual, when I pull up to a red light. I’m chillin there, back seat to the trunk folded down and the windows rolled down as well cause its a nice summer night. Of course out of nowhere comes a cop car that had driven all the way up to me in the pitch dark road with his driving lights off so I didn’t see him coming. I already was suspicious and my suspicion was confirmed when the light turned green and I pulled off while he didn’t move. He was measuring. I’m watching him in my mirror as I go on and he soon catches up quite fast to me, lights instantly turn on, driving lights, red and blue, and siren. Shit. So I pull over, he blinds me with his spotlight and flashlight and tells me to turn off the engine. I comply and he asks me why I think I was pulled over. “Uuuuh because you wanted to have a demo?” Dumbass me replies. He gave the look like I expected once it registered I was talking to a cop and he says “The California law is I shouldn’t be able to hear you from 5 cars or 50 feet away. I heard you from about 100 feet away. You know what the ticket is for that, son?” I’m sitting there with a pretty impressed look on my face not expecting it to be that loud, and said “No sir” o which he replied “You don’t have to if you tell me what artist that was that you were slappin’” I told him, an he went back to his squad car. Best. Cop. Ever.

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This dude needs more recognition, give it a listen, let the bass boom!

https://twitter.com/#!/MrSicxMusic tell him Love For You Woofer sent you :D

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Just made a fake FI Audio woofer xD

Just made a fake FI Audio woofer xD

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Just dropped these in the trunk yesterday, and they turn heads when I drive by lol

Just dropped these in the trunk yesterday, and they turn heads when I drive by lol

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The bassline in this song really like to play around a lot, which makes it great for pounding out the booooooom!

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Tumblr, y u no let me see my notes?!

Tumblr, y u no let me see my notes?!

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A white guy rapping, Mac Miller is like the new Eminem haha, but the bass line is strong and hits good. Turn up your systems, folks!

This song is uploaded solely for entertainment purposes only and is owned by it’s perspective owners. I in no way own any part of this track and have uploaded it for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy.

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